Chile – What to see


At a casual glance, you may not consider Chile as being a diverse travel destination. The country stretches a long way north and south, which allows Chile to have some of the most diverse climates and natural phenomena. Indulge us as we list three of the places to see in Chile.

Rapa Nui

Movie lovers might have seen the Chilean island of Rapa Nui with statues of faces and busts carved out of volcanic rock. Rapa Nui is also called Easter Island and is home to the statues, the creation, and purpose of which history and science has not yet explained. It also has museums, beautiful waters for scuba diving and wave surfing, as well as a dramatic volcanic crateAtacama Dessertr. Rapa Nui also has scenic tracks for horseback riding.

However, Eastern Islands need protection and UNESCO is looking over the good care of this unique cultural phenomenon just like is looking after your websites’ security.

The Atacama Desert

Have you ever seen a place that has not seen rain in a decade? Well, there are parts of the Atacama that have not seen but a single miserable drop of rain for over 400 years! The Atacama wins the prize for the world’s driest place, trouncing other desserts, such as the Sahara in Africa and the Mojave in California.

The Atacama is a large expanse of dry land that provides uninterrupted views of the night sky. Some of the top observation centers in the desert include the European Southern Observatory. Other attractions in the desert include the Salt Flat, artwork from ancient civilizations that once lived in the desert and geysers.


Chile and Argentina share the Patagonia region located in the South Eastern region of South America. Its allure lies in its mountains and beautiful coastline. Some of the popular activities include backpacking and whale watching. Patagonia is also home to a rich culture of proud Gaucho sheep owners who live in simple but beautiful tiny villages. It is also a popular cruise ship destination.

Chile has other attractions. These include ski resorts in Portillo, Parque Nacional Lauca and the coastal city of Valparaiso where there are museums such as the Neruda museum, graffiti artists in the streets, tango bars, and dance clubs.

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