Plastic Surgery in Latin America

Besides America and Europe, Latin America is fast proving to be a go-to destination for cosmetic surgery. While Latin America is famed for having women with beauty and style, cosmetic surgery practices in the region are a game changer.

The cosmetic surgery trend in Latin America started in the 1990s when some affluent women turned to plastic surgery to look more youthful and attractive. While the early days of plastic surgery attracted negative reporting, the trend soon spread to persons of all income levels. This trend has positioned Latin America as the most sought-after destination for cosmetic surgery.

Why the Positive Uptake of Plastic Surgery in Latin America?

When travelling to Latin America, you will be surprised by the locals’ view of plastic surgery. Interestingly, there is no stigma towards people who go for a round breast implant or any other type of cosmetic surgery. Instead, those who do not seize this opportunity to enhance their appearances are viewed differently.

In many ways, plastic surgery resonates with most Latin American cultures. These societies firmly believe in female sensuality and sexuality, which is reflected in fashion trends and cosmetic applications. The uptake of round breast implants in Latin America, for instance, is a testament to this cultural connection.

Cosmetic surgery procedures are cheaper in Latin America than in most parts of the world. Low cost of living, labour costs, and competition among surgeons in countries like Colombia are key reasons Latin America remains an attractive destination for people seeking quality cosmetic procedures at affordable prices.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to go for a cosmetic procedure in Latin America? Whether it is breast augmentation, which is the most common, or any other, it is in your best interest to consult with a board-certified doctor with the requisite experience in performing the desired procedure.


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