Travelling Latin America in a Van

Latin America is such a vast and varied area that it is not always best to travel via local public transport systems or airlines. Instead, it is often a better idea to utilise a van. This will give the driver the freedom to explore different locations with ease. However, it is essential that the vehicle is fit for its purpose. The van racking company Work System can upgrade it so that it is more suitable for long drives across Latin America.

Van Storage Options

A van can be used by tourists who want to stay within the Latin American region for an extended period of time. For example, there are stories of vans utilised to live a Nomadic lifestyle in places such as Argentina. Living within the van itself will mean the vehicle needs to be customised. The owners could attain van racking from Work System if they plan on storing a lot of heavy or fragile objects.

Tool Boards

Not everyone who travels across Latin America is a tourist. Sometimes van owners will move between countries for employment reasons. When a migrant worker owns a van, they could use it to perform construction jobs. This may require the installation of interior tool boards or roof racks to store ladders.

First Aid and Fire Extinguishers

Safety features should also be included within the vehicle. Sadly, deadly accidents occur within South America if road conditions are hazardous. The chances of surviving these scenarios can be increased by storing first aid kits and fire extinguishers within the van.


Some areas of Latin America are safer than others. It is wise to research how prevalent vehicular theft is within the places that the van will travel through. If the driver is concerned, then they might choose to install an alarm. The ones available from Work System are sure to help deter intruders.

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