The Best Tourist Destinations in Latin America

Latin America comprises 33 countries with rich and diverse regions that are open to tourists every year. If you are a first time visitor, you have so many awesome places to see and visit. This article will highlight four vibrant and fabulous destinations that you should add to the top of your bucket list.

Yucatan Peninsula

This is the most popular beach in Latin America. Millions of tourists flock to this beach that is located between Guatemala and Belize. Yucatan Peninsula is also known for the Mayan archaeological sites found in Mexico, the Las Coloradas pink lakes used as salt mines, and Cancun for the vibrant party location. For the wellness and the yoga enthusiast, there is a special spot at Tulum.

Antigua, Guatemala

This is the most famous Spanish colonial city in Latin America that is surrounded by volcanoes. The town was destroyed by several earthquakes that hit the area in the 17th century. A big part of it was rebuilt to its former glory, with several historical buildings getting renovated. Antigua has many stunning architectural wonders and a vibrant history that gives a unique charm to every visitor.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is widely famous for its music and breathtaking beaches. Apart from these two, there are several other lovely things to do and places to see in Brazil. For example, the Tijuca National park, a hike in the Sugar Loaf Mountain, or even dance in the most effervescent neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro.

The Sacred Valley, Peru

This is one of the most frequented regions in Peru. The valley keeps hidden the ancient ruins, the Incan history and an awe-inspiring and unique landscape. The charming yet so mysterious area is called Sacred Valley because it was initially owned by the emperor Inca. If you are looking for a place that will give you some peace and quiet to reflect, this is the place to visit.

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