Visit Colombia


Coffee, exotic fruit, beaches, mountains, music, a lost city. There is certainly a wealth of reasons to visit Colombia.

Situated on the northwestern tip of South America, astride the equator and with coasts on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribb

Bright colorful hammocks on the beach at sun

Bright colorful hammocks on the beach at sun

ean Sea, while also encompassing the northern end of the Andes Mountains and part of the Amazon basin, the variety to be found in Colombia is simply stunning.


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Heritage and Arts

The Caribbean resort of Cartagena is both an historic port city with much rich heritage to be discovered, as well as a place to relax and unwind on the beaches. Its ‘old city’ area, safe during the day but to be avoided at night, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Similarly, the capital city of Bogota also has preserved some fine examples of its old world architecture in the La Candelaria area and surrounds, while new restaurants, craft breweries and boutiques are springing up across the city.

These are just a couple of the Telegraph’s ‘21 reasons why Colombia should be your next holiday destination


Colombia also boasts an active volcano, the Nevado del Ruiz, a glacier-covered peak whose last activity was a small eruption in 1985.

Colombian music and dance are hot as any volcano, with the sounds of Cumbia, Vallenato and Llanera pulsing out the rhythm to all-day carnivals and all-night salsa dancers! And, of course, Colombia is home to the modern singing legend, Shakira. Colombia’s cities boast a vibrant night-life but, as with many other places around the world, one should be sensible when going out at night in a foreign city.

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