Argentina – a short tourist guide


If you are travelling to South America, Argentina should definitely be on your list of countries to visit. The country has a rich culture and history, and has a beautiful landscape where adventurists from all around the world test their skills in mountain climbing, rock climbing, ice climbing, rafting, and many more adventurous outdoor sports. Argentina is also home to the beautiful Buenos Aires, which is an iconic city in Latin America.

City life and culture

The city life in Argentina is lively and fun. There are plenty of fantastic restaurants, museums, parks, and historic sites to see, making the city full of interesting activities for visiting tourists. Some of the most common tourist sites and activities include: promenading in Palermo, El Puerto de Buenos Aires; shopping for local arts and crafts in open markets in La Boca; taking in the popular (with tourists and locals alike) Plaza Dorrego National Museum of History in San Telmo.

After a day of exploration, the nightlife is a lot of fun, as well. Argentina is famous for its Tango clubs, and there are hundreds of them to choose from. Wine tasting is another common event in the country, where visitors can go to try out the best wines that Argentina has to offer.


When you are ready to leave the city in search of adventure and fresh air, Patagonia is the most famous region in Argentina for the thrill seekers and adventurists. It is home to some of the highest mountains on the continent and some of the toughest climbs.

Adventure sports aren’t the only draw to this region, however; the culture found in the smaller cities in the region should not be missed. These are the places that travellers wishing to see the “real” culture of Argentina should go to, as there are people living there, keeping their traditions alive in the same ways they have been for a very long time.


Whether you choose to go to the mountains, the city, or both, there are plenty of things to do and see in the beautiful country of Argentina. The country is one of the most advanced in the region and has a culture that is truly unique when compared to other South American countries. Visiting Argentina should definitely be on your list travel vacations.

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